My personal Tarot journey

For many years, I have used the Tarot for spiritual insight – both for myself and for other people. I own a Ryder Waite deck and resonate strongly with the imagery on the cards and the numerological and elemental associations.


Interpreting the cards

I have come across many different schools of thought when it comes to interpreting the cards and will use a metaphor of a pristine flowing stream to describe my individual approach to reading the Tarot. In my metaphor, the cards in a spread are the pebbles on the river bed – the solid base offered by card’s ‘traditional meaning’. The water flowing over the pebbles is the spiritual energy surrounding the cards, which I intuit as I navigate the Tarot spread.




Another way of saying this is that the cards act as a springboard from which to intuit deeper spiritual insight.


Learning the Tarot

Along my Tarot journey, I have discovered some incredibly helpful resources offered by great teachers including Kelly-Ann Maddox, Alan Oken, Ben Lucas and Jason Youngman. If you are new to the Tarot, and want to learn more about this incredible tool for personal and spiritual development, the following resources are a great place to start:




I highly recommend Kelly-Ann Maddox’s 10-part Trainee Tarot CourseAlan Oken’s Pocket Guide to the Tarot and Jason Youngman’s Tarot Arcana Tutorial, a sample of which is provided below: